Contingencies and Chaos

19/08/2022 Posted by Comms | Comments(0)
In this edition of Construction Magazine, Darragh Hogan looks at the market outlook. 

“Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos” - Spalding Gray

Uncertainty is part of life, however, the last two and a half years has been more tumultuous for both businesses and individuals than recent years. The recession was a constant challenge for the construction industry – but in one way, it was consistent. Consistently tough. In contrast, the past three years (a “hard” Brexit and Covid-19), has not only been a daily challenge, but new obstacles to success appear and disrupt whatever headway many of us had made – ongoing war in Ukraine, inflation and spiraling energy costs. 

While we are unable to prevent these obstacles from appearing, knowledge is power. It can help you navigate obstacles in a more informed manner and ensure your decisions are informed by logic, as opposed to a reactionary panic. In early August, Darragh Hogan of Milestone Advisory sat down with David Walls in Zurich Life Assurance to help clients understand what is going on in the markets currently and what the economic outlook is. 

This exclusive content for the Milestone Advisory clients is part of the ongoing commitment to them – ensuring the information they have is the most current and the advice they receive is informed. To read the full article, visit the Milestone Advisory website.

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