What are the Benefits?

1.Tax Relief

The government provides support for pensions saving through tax relief. Employers will get Corporation tax relief and - as an employee - you can claim tax relief at source currently at your highest rate of income tax.

2. Security

All retirement savings are totally separate from the assets of your employer and the Pension Administration Company. We offer a wide range of investment choices which include a low risk Cash Fund offering capital protection.

3. Flexibility

There are a wide variety of Investment Funds available and you can opt to take early retirement at any time from age 50 with the consent of your Employer.
You can also choose to pay Additional Voluntary Contributions (see below).

4. Service

From the date you join until the date you retire the team at CERS is available to provide information and one to one consultation with Members and Employers.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of our most commonly asked questions, visit our FAQs

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