Summary of Investment Funds on offer

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CERS Multi Asset Fund

This fund is intended to provide members with a reasonable real return, i.e. after inflation.

CERS Standard Lifestyle Strategy

The “Standard” Lifestyle Option is suitable for members who intend to purchase a pension from the CERS scheme at retirement

CERS ARF Lifestyle Strategy

The “Approved Retirement Fund” (ARF) Lifestyle Option is suitable for members who intend to transfer their retirement accounts to an Approved Retirement Fund at retirement instead of purchasing a pension from the CERS scheme

CERS Bond Fund

The Bond fund is designed to broadly track the cost of buying a pension at retirement as interest rates change.

CERS Cash Fund

The objective of the Cash Fund is to provide capital protection through investment predominately in Euro denominated bank deposits, together with short dated gilts and money market instruments. This fund can be used as part of a diversified portfolio and to protect fund values against falling equity markets.

CERS Equity Fund

This fund is passively managed and designed to provide a good rate of investment return consistent with an appropriate level of risk for a medium to long term investor.

CERS Property Fund

The fund objective is to provide investors with exposure to property markets.

CERS Alternative Assets Fund

The Alternative Assets Fund is designed for members who would like to see modest but relatively stable absolute returns, i.e. after inflation.

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