Fund Return 2010-2011

1st June 2010 - 31st May 2011

The Trustees have set up this webpage so that members of the Construction Federation Executive Pension Scheme can be kept informed in regard to the investment performance of the three available funds.  The Main Fund currently has assets with 6 fund managers a number of whom only provide monthly price information. The final monthly return for the Main Fund is not available until approximately ten working days after month end. It is possible to provide interim daily unit prices. Please contact the C.F.E.P.S. administration on (01) 4071430 if you require further detail.

Members included in a Defined Contribution arrangement and Defined Benefit members with AVC or Transfer In Accounts have investment choices.  The Main Fund is the default investment vehicle for the Scheme. All contributions will be invested in the Main Fund unless an appropriate written instruction has been received and confirmed by the Scheme from the member instructing that the assets should be moved to one of the other funds.

The Trustees recommend that members should take independent investment advice when considering their investment choice. The investment choices available are:

Main Fund

This fund is intended to provide the maximum rate of investment return consistent with an appropriate level of risk for a medium to long term investor.  On average this fund will hold approximately 60% of its investments in equities. The balance of the fund is invested in property and other return seeking assets as well as Cash and Bonds. It is anticipated that over longer periods of time this fund is likely to outperform the Cash Fund and Bond Fund although its returns will be volatile, given it's exposure to equity markets, and will be negative from time to time.

Cash Fund

The Cash Fund currently invests in deposit and money market instruments. The objective of the fund is to provide capital protection. It is likely to give returns that are close to the level of return from a bank deposit.

Bond Fund

This is currently a passively managed fund designed to broadly track the cost of buying a pension as interest rates change.  It may fall in value from time to time and is likely to fall in value when medium to long term interest rates are rising.  It is anticipated that over longer periods of time this fund will outperform the Cash Fund but will not perform as well as the Main Fund. Returns from the Bond Fund are expected to be less volatile than the Main Fund.

FUNDS: Main Fund Main Fund YTD* Cash Fund Cash Fund YTD* Bond Fund Bond Fund YTD*
From Scheme year:            
1st June 2010 - 30th June 2010 -1.00% -1.00% +0.17% +0.17% -2.45% -2.45%
1st July 2010 - 31st July 2010 +1.70% +0.70% +0.19% +0.36% +1.34% -1.14%
1st August 2010 - 31st August 2010 -0.80% -0.10% +0.18% +0.54% +4.44% +3.25%
1st September 2010 - 30th September 2010 +2.20% +2.10% +0.17% +0.71% -2.24% +0.94%
1st October 2010 - 31st October 2010 -0.10% +2.00% +0.16% +0.87% -0.66% +0.27%
1st November 2010 - 30th November 2010 +0.80% +2.80% +0.16% +1.03% -5.19% -4.94%
1st December 2010 - 31st December 2010 +3.00% +5.87% +0.08% +1.11% -1.19% -6.07%
1st January 2011 - 31st January 2011 +0.50% +6.40% +0.06% +1.17% -0.43% -6.48%
1st February 2011 - 28th February 2011 +1.30% +7.80% +0.06% +1.23% -0.22% -6.68
1st March 2011 - 31st March 2011 -1.90% +5.73% +0.07% +1.30% -0.86% -7.48%
1st April 2011 - 30th April 2011 +0.10% +5.84% +0.07% +1.38% +0.91% -6.64%
1st May 2011 - 31st May 2011 +0.15% +6.00% +0.10% +1.47% +1.25% -5.47%

**YTD - Year-to-date: is the period 1st June 2010 to the most recent month shown. This percentage is a cumulative return from 1st June 2010 to the stated period.

Investment instructions sent by email are not effective or accepted by the Scheme unless and until an email confirmation of those instructions has been issued by a member of the Scheme Administration team. Where an instruction is deemed by the Administration to be ambiguous or incapable of being performed it will be ineffective. Members are advised to contact the Administration regarding any investment instruction which has not been acknowledged. The Trustees, the Scheme and the Administration do not accept responsibility for failure to process email instructions that, for whatever reason, have not been confirmed. If you wish to give the Scheme an investment instruction please contact the Administration at (01) 4071430 in the first instance.

This note is for information purpose only and does not constitute financial or other professional advice. The investment choices offered by the Trustees will be regularly reviewed and may be varied from time to time. If you are considering your investment choices you should contact the Administration to ensure you have the most up to date information

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Fax: 01 507 7490


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