What happens if I leave or change jobs?

If you leave your job you will cease to be an active member of CERS and your contributions will stop. On leaving service you will be notified of the options available to you which for members with more than two years service are as follows:

  • Your Retirement Savings Account(s) may remain invested with CERS. If you have registered for online access this remains available to you. You continue to have investment choices.
  • As an alternative to leaving your Retirement Savings Account(s) with CERS you may take a transfer payment of your retirement savings accounts to another arrangement approved by the Revenue Commissioners for this purpose.

If your new Employer operates within the construction and related industries you may be able to continue saving for your retirement with CERS. Please contact the administration for further details.

For members with less than two years pensionable service you may not be entitled to the value of your Employer contributions. Please refer to your member booklet for further details.

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